Injured deer, false alarms and more for RCMP

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  • Sat Apr 2nd, 2011 6:00am
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Creston RCMP responded to 63 calls from March 22-28, Staff Sgt. Gord Stewart said on Tuesday.

March 22

•A report of an injured deer near Highway 95 was passed on to the Conservation Officer Service.

•A pair of shoes was reported stolen from the pool at the Creston and District Community Complex. The investigation is ongoing.

•A West Creston homeowner who lives out of the area asked police to check on the home on the suspicion that an uninvited guest was there. The “guest” was not found.

•A call to a house fire in Crawford Bay was cancelled as police were on their way — the homeowners put out the blaze on their own.

March 23

•A mother in the 3700 block of Riverview Road reported that her 15-year-old daughter had taken the family vehicle without consent. Police found the girl and vehicle in town and took them home.

•A friend who hadn’t heard from an elderly male for some time requested that the RCMP check on the home in the 1400 block of Northwest Boulevard. The man was found at home watching TV.

•A resident in the 2200 block of Connel Road called the RCMP over an issue with a real estate agent. Police spoke to both parties, and the agent said there would be no further contact.

•When police responded to an alarm in the 2700 block of Highway 3, they discovered that a business owner had left a door insecure.

March 24

•A 30-year-old female driver of a Mazda Protégé failed two alcohol screening tests, and received a 90-day driving prohibition and had her car impounded for 30 days.

•A male in the 2800 block of Erickson Road reported that his keys had been stolen by an acquaintance. Police spoke to the other party, located the keys and returned them to their owner.

•A female near the intersection of 11th Avenue South and Elm Street reported seeing several youths in the field, which she found suspicious. When police responded, they found the field empty.

•RCMP attempted to serve documents on behalf of the Rosthern, Sask., RCMP, but were unable to locate the person in question.

March 25

•A male causing a disturbance at a relative’s house was in violation of a Saskatchewan probation order. The information was passed on to Saskatchewan authorities and the male was taken to a different residence.

•Half of a couple arguing in the 800 block of Aldrich Road left before police arrived, and the half remaining wouldn’t provide further details.

•An apparently homeless man wearing “homeless clothes” was seen in the 100 block of 10th Avenue North, but RCMP could not locate him.

•RCMP forwarded a report of an injured deer on Akokli Creek Road to conservation officers.

•There were no injuries when a 2008 Dodge Caliber rolled on its side on the Salmo side of the Kootenay Pass.

•A caller from Reclamation Road reported seeing flares, which police believe were fireworks set off near the old ferry landing on Kootenay River Road.

•A caller from the 500 block of 11th Avenue South reported hearing shots fired, but RCMP found no physical evidence of firearms, and extensive patrols were unable to locate anyone suspicious.

•On Reclamation Road, a 59-year-old female failed two breathalyzer tests, and received a 90-day driving prohibition and had her car impounded for month.

March 26

•A 20-year-old male was reportedly driving an orange pickup in the 1600 block of Canyon Street. The same vehicle was later reported to have run a stop sign. The investigation is ongoing.

•A delivery vehicle was reportedly driving in an unsafe manner in the 2100 block of Ash Street. Police passed on the complaint to the business owner.

•The driver of a red Dodge Neon showed some signs of impairment when stopped in the 1900 block of Cook Street, and blew a warn rating on an alcohol screening device, receiving a three-day driving suspension.

•In response to an out-of-town request, RCMP visited a residence in the 200 block of Ninth Avenue South to check on the well-being of children, and found no issues of concern.

•Fireworks were reportedly being set off from an older pickup in the 300 block of Canyon-Lister Road, but RCMP were unable to locate it.

March 27

•Police responded to a disturbance at a residence in the 100 block of 38th Avenue North, but neither party would provide details.

March 28

•A woman in the 3700 block of Highway 21 reported that her daughter and two nieces snuck out after bedtime. Police found the trio and took them home.

•A male in the 200 block of 20th Avenue reported getting unwanted calls from a female. When police spoke to the female, she said she would no longer call him.

•The driver of an uninsured 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix was pulled over near the intersection of 11th Avenue and Erickson Street. The car was towed and the driver was issued several tickets.

•Two cats were reportedly abandoned in an apartment in the 600 block of Cook Street. RCMP advised the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which planned to follow up.

•An unknown vehicle was reported at a residence in the 200 block of Fifth Avenue North. It was determined that it was part of a dispute by a number of people over the estate of a recently deceased person. Police advised those involved to contact a lawyer.