Greasy overalls cause evacuation

Creston RCMP responded to 74 calls for service from May 9-15, Cpl. Gerrie Sliworsky said on Tuesday.

  • Wed May 17th, 2017 1:30am
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Creston RCMP responded to 74 calls for service from May 9-15, Cpl. Gerrie Sliworsky said on Tuesday.

May 9

• Police attended a 6th Avenue South residence to do a well-being check and found the resident was okay.

• A driver received several traffic violation tickets after colliding with a pedestrian in an 11th Avenue crosswalk on Canyon Street. The pedestrian was not injured.

• A storm window was broken at a residence on 6th Avenue North.

• Police are investigating a reported theft on 4th Avenue South.

• A well-being check on a 35th Avenue North resident indicated she was fine.

• An arrest warrant has been issued for a Riverview Road resident who breached court conditions.

• Horses were running loose on Highway 21 at Cedar Street.

• A male driver who was stopped on Canyon-Lister Road at Harker Road was found to have consumed alcohol. He refused to provide a breath sample and charges are pending.

• A hit and run on Canyon Street was seen by a witness, who left a note on the parked car.

• An intoxicated male who was causing a disturbance on Elm Street was arrested and held in cells until sober. Police received a complaint later that the same male had struck a building on 20th Avenue South with a heavy object. He faces charges for breaching conditions.

May 10

• A handgun was turned in to police for destruction.

• Police conducted a well-being check on an Erickson resident and found no problems.

• A complaint from Ash Street about repeated harassing phone calls and text messages from an ex-partner is under investigation.

• Police assisted Salmo RCMP in executing an arrest warrant.

• A purse containing ID was lost on Erickson Road.

• A male driver on Canyon-Street was stopped. He failed a breath test and was given a 90-day driving prohibition and 30-day vehicle impound. A small quantity of marijuana was seized for destruction.

May 11

• A driver’s side mirror was reported broken on 6th Avenue North.

• The owner has identified a specialized mountain bike that was found on a 4th Avenue North property.

• A YRB truck was driving on the wrong side of Hood Road when a school bus came from the opposite direction. No collision occurred and the employer will deal with the driver.

• A reported gas smell at an 11th Avenue South residence kicked emergency responses into full alert. Erickson Road was shut down and neighbours were being evacuated when it was determined the odour was the result of greasy overalls being put into a clothes dryer.

• A sink hole was reported on Peterman Road.

• Police did not locate a black minivan reported to be driving dangerously on Goat River Road North.

May 12

• Police determined that no injuries resulted from a reported assault on 7th Avenue North.

• A Nissan Pathfinder with no insurance and expired plates was abandoned on Lower Wynndel Road.

• Hotel amenities were reported stolen from a Highway 3A hotel. The thief will discover extra charges on the credit card he used to pay his room bill.

• A vehicle passed a stopped school bus displaying flashing lights in the 1400 block of Northwest Boulevard.

• A shed on Wildlife Road was broken into and a container of fuel was stolen.

• A driver sustained a possible concussion when his vehicle rolled over into a ditch on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

• A collision occurred when a vehicle pulled out of a parking lot on 16th Avenue at Canyon Street.

• Mailboxes on West Creston Road were damaged.

• A driver went off the road on Highway 3A near Bathie Road when a wasp flew into the vehicle and he lost control.

• A warning letter was sent to the driver of a Ford F150 from Montana when it nearly struck a child in the crosswalk east of 16th Avenue North on Canyon Street.

• A verbal domestic dispute was reported on Goat Canyon Road.

• A vehicle was keyed on 19th Avenue South.

• Police attended a 14th Avenue South residence to keep the peace while a resident moved belongings.

• A semi got stuck attempting to negotiate a sharp curve on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road after the driver’s GPS system directed him onto the route.

• A possibly suicidal male was located by a police dog in the Wynndel area and taken to hospital for assessment.

May 13

• A 24-hour driving prohibition was issued to a Washington state driver who had been consuming alcohol.

• A tire was slashed during a dispute on Riverview Road but the victim won’t co-operate with police. The people involved later took their dispute onto social media and were warned by police.

• A 6th Avenue North resident was taken to hospital after consuming cake laced with a marijuana derivative.

• A driver who went into the opposing lane on Northwest Boulevard was stopped and got a “warning” message when he blew for alcohol consumption. He was issued a three-day driving prohibition and given a traffic ticket.

May 14

• A suspicious vehicle at Canyon Hall was gone when police arrived.

• Police were called to a domestic dispute on Cook Street.

• Charges are pending after a prohibited driver was found driving on 16th Avenue South.

• Road checks on Canyon-Lister Road and Northwest Boulevard revealed only minor infractions.

May 15

• A complicated police matter started when a female driver picked up a male hitchhiker before she got to Creston. The pair hit it off and stayed a few nights in a hotel and then a residence. Following a report of theft on Riverview Road the female fled and was then located and arrested. The vehicle was impounded and the case remains under investigation.

• A small quantity of marijuana with an assortment of drug paraphernalia was found on a 15th Avenue South property and turned over to police.