Granite spirit bear marred by graffiti

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  • Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 1:00pm
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Creston RCMP responded to 51 calls for service from November 14-20, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday, none of which included the vandalism to one of Stewart Steinhauer’s sculptures on Canyon Street at Pine Street.

The large black granite spirit bear was marred with painted graffiti on the weekend, which included a “waste of money” message (all of the stone sculptures at the intersection are owned by the artist himself and are not public property).

Hammond asked than anyone with knowledge about the damage contact the RCMP detachment at 250-428-9313.

November 14

•Police assisted EMT personnel in the transport to hospital with a patient who was experiencing seizures.

•A vehicle passed a stopped school bus displaying flashing lights on 9th Avenue North. Police are investigating.

•An out of control youth was reported to be throwing items in his Kingsgate residence.

•Police were called to assist with an ill patient who had walked away from the hospital.

•A dispute about a business’s financial books and tax documents was reported.

•A garage door opener and cargo dolly were stolen from a 4th Avenue South residence.

•Police were called to Canyon Street where a male was attempting to cut his wrists.

•A dispute arising from the breakup of a relationship was reported on Elm Street.

November 15

•An argument involving a couple was reported on Duck Lake Road.

•A youth reported missing from Cook Street stayed at a friend’s home and went to school the following day.

•Cook Street residents reported a concern about the content a youth was seeing on an Internet chat site.

•A report of debris from a fallen tree on Highway 3 near Goatfell was forward to highways maintenance contractors.

•Keys were found at the Cook and Canyon Street intersection.

•A 61-year-old male died suddenly in his Erickson Road residence, apparently of natural causes.

November 16

•A wallet found on Canyon Street has been returned to the owner.

•A Riondel resident reported medications had been stolen, and then later reported they had been returned.

•A theft from a residence was reported on 4th Avenue South.

•A vehicle reportedly drove through a Canyon Street crosswalk when students were starting to cross the street.

•A youth became threatening when he believed neighbours were photographing him. They denied doing so. Police mediated the dispute.

November 17

•A theft from a Meadow Creek residence was determined to be connected to a family dispute over money.

•A male is being charged following a domestic assault on Highway 3.

November 18

•Police were called to a family dispute on 10th Avenue North.

•A 20th Avenue North resident reported his vehicle was entered and four seatbelts were cut. The radio was also damaged.

•A Teasdale Road resident reported the possibly fraudulent cashing of a cheque.

•When police investigated a report of cruelty to animals they concluded the complaint was unfounded.

•A Canyon-Lister Road resident reported agreeing to sell a dirt bike on an Internet site for $800. The “buyer” then sent a cheque for $2950, asking for the seller to cash it and return the excess in cash. This is a common Internet scam.

•An Elm Street resident complained about a possible cable TV bill scam, but police concluded it was legitimate.

•A reported flare on Topaz Mountain was determined to be a controlled burn.

•During a road check of 12 vehicles on Northwest Boulevard, police found a driver who had consumed an excess of alcohol. He was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days. A small amount of illegal drugs were also seized for destruction.

November 19

•Police were asked to help ambulance personnel get into a house in which an elderly female had fallen.

•A missing person report was filed from Kitchener.

•An intoxicated male who arrived at the police station looking for a warm place to stay the night was given one.

•A 13-year-old was reported missing from a Canyon-Lister Road residence.

November 20

•Noises were reported by a Kidd Creek camper.

•A border runner attempting to cross into the US was stopped at Rykerts and returned, where a small amount of drugs were seized.

•A teen who borrowed a car for a short time on 19th Avenue returned home about 8 hours later, but not before his parents had called police.