End of summer means fewer calls to police

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  • Fri Sep 16th, 2016 7:00am
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Creston RCMP responded to 69 calls for service from September 5-11, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday. With students back in school and tourist traffic waning, pressures for police intervention in a variety of ways begin to decline, he said.

September 5

•An apparently intoxicated caller complained about an unwanted person in his residence. The person was gone when police arrived.

•A female reported to be lost from a Highway 21 residence was found shortly afterward, and she was fine.

•When police checked 10 vehicles destined to a large party on North Goat River Road they made two liquor seizures.

September 6

•An intoxicated minor found near 9th Avenue North was held in police cells until sober.

•A vehicle was reported damaged, possibly by BB gun shots, on 11th Avenue South.

•A bicycle was found in the creek near 25th Avenue and Elm Street.

•A well-being check on Cook Street indicated the resident was okay.

•A male was reported to have made harassing phone calls to a female’s place of employment regarding a personal issue.

•A collection agency reported having concerns about a male’s wellbeing after calling him. Police checked and learned he doesn’t live in the area any longer.

•An erratic vehicle reported on Highway 21 was not located.

•Another break and entry was reported at the old Wynndel School.

September 7

•When police investigated a report of a person in breach of court conditions it was determined those conditions had been removed.

•A person causing a disturbance on Hillside Street was warned.

•A 2009 Honda quad was stolen overnight on Blazed Creek forest service road.

•Charges are pending after a fight took place in the 1200 block of Northwest Boulevard. Weapons including a pipe and machete were found at the scene.

•A Honda CFR 150R dirt bike was stolen from a Lower Wynndel Road residence.

•An Elm Street resident complained about an unwanted person knocking on the door.

September 8

•Harassing calls were made to a Hillside Street resident despite the caller having posted a peace bond.

•A rifle was turned into police for destruction.

•A new cell phone was stolen in the 2400 block of Canyon Street.

•An erratic semi was reported driving westbound through Yahk.

•Old explosives found in a shed on Foster Road were blown up by the RCMP bomb squad.

•Three males reported to be beating a dog on Highway 3 in Erickson were located by police after they threatened to pepper spray a male who confronted them. The men were intoxicated and one was in breach of conditions not to consume alcohol. A second was using drugs contrary to conditions. While searching for the men police also came across 8 marijuana plants, which were seized for destruction.

September 9

•A tool box was found at a Highway 3 rest area.

•Police received the first of a number of phone calls from a mentally ill person requesting rides.

•A person reported leaving library books and DVDs on the community bus. They were not found.

•A female was taken to hospital as a precaution after she swerved to avoid a skunk in the 8000 block of Highway 3A. Her vehicle went off the road and she was trapped inside.

•Several males youths reported to be jumping on a vehicle hood on 9th Avenue South were found to be doing what they called “hood slides” on a car one of them owns.

•Three backpacks were stolen from the alley on the north side of the 1000 block of Canyon Street.

•A domestic dispute was reported on Elm Street.

•An 11th Avenue South resident reported unwanted intoxicated guests.

September 10

•A suspicious vehicle was reported on Speers Road.

•A fence, gate and field on Kootenay River Road were damaged by a vehicle whose driver later contacted the property owner.

•A 53-year-old male died in his Vancouver Street home of natural causes.

•A male was reported to be yelling in a threatening manner on Erickson Road.

•Police received a report of a Honda Civic carrying drug paraphernalia having broken down in the 5000 block of  Highway 3A. The items were not to be found when police arrived.

•A reported possibly impaired driver of a green Dodge pickup at a Highway 3A pullout was not located.

•A male motorcyclist died of injuries sustained when he lost control of the bike on the Gray Creek Pass.

September 11

•An intoxicated male was reported to be yelling on 20th Avenue South.

•Intoxicated people causing a disturbance on Elm Street were gone when police arrived.

•A bear wandering erratically through an orchard near 20th Avenue South was determined to be ill and blind, and was destroyed.