Creston Valley women leading dance-walk through downtown

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  • Mon Sep 3rd, 2012 6:00am
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Annette Agabob and Serena Naeve (back) were part of a group that promoted a walk-dance event by making chalk drawings on downtown sidewalks on Thursday.

A local group of women who think there has to be a way to a better world are taking their belief public on Saturday.

Resonate Kootenay, a regional offshoot of BraveHeart Women, will be participating in a quest to set a world record for the largest hug exchange at the Creston Valley Fall Fair at 10 a.m.

“Hugs for Harmony” is a way to bring awareness to the power of oxytocin, said to be the love and harmony hormone,” said local organizer Debby Johnson.

Following the hug event, members and supporters are asked to join in a dance-walk, a fun and inspiring way of moving around any community.

“We will be heading downtown, following a chalked route, and then returning to the community complex,” Johnson said.

The dance-walk was created as a fundraiser to help send Kendra Lee, a local massage therapist and BraveHeart Women facilitator, to a peace event in Jerusalem.

“A meeting of 99 women will include 33 Western women and 33 women each from Israel and Palestine,” Johnson said. “It will bring women of the different cultures together and they can then go back to their countries and communities and promote the need for peace.”

Donations are being collected locally to help fund Lee’s participation and the organization of the groundbreaking event.

“It is an honour to support these women in their process of release and transformation,” said Lee. “I feel called to be part of this kind of global change. I had no idea that I would ever do something like this. These contributions not only support me in this calling but also these women. This shift will set a tone of harmony between their nations. I am so very grateful we live where I can make this choice.”

For more information about BraveHeart Women and Resonate Kootenays, visit