The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP report slashed tires in Riondel

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  • Wed Sep 19th, 2012 6:00pm
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Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said Creston RCMP responded to 85 calls from Sept. 10-16.

September 10

•Four tires were slashed on two vehicles on Ainsworth Avenue in Riondel.

•Police are investigating a historical sexual assault case involving an Erickson Road resident.

•Minor damage resulted from a collision on Canyon Street.

•Two bicycles were found on Cedar Street.

•Police were called to a dispute between neighbours on Leadville Road in Kitchener.

September 11

•A 16th Street resident complained that horses were damaging his crops.

•A 911 call through the Riley Road cellphone tower could not be traced.

•On Stump Road, a blown tire on a trailer of hay caused the hay to catch fire. The bales were pulled off the trailer before they could cause further damage.

•A 911 call from 15th Avenue North was attributed to pocket dialing.

•A dog being walked on Silvercrest Road was bitten by a dog that ran out from a yard.

September 12

•A fire in a garbage bin on Northwest Boulevard was caused by a cigarette.

•In a police news first, a windshield was stolen from a classic vehicle on Kitchener Road.

•A complaint was received about speeding vehicles in the Creston Education Centre school zone on Birch Street.

•A passport was found on Hillside Street.

•Gunshots were reported from the Settlement Road area in Yahk.

•When police spoke to four young people dumpster diving on Cook Street, they learned the travellers were crossing Canada and taking food from garbage bins to enhance their experience.

September 13

•A parent on Elm Street requested police help with regard to a drug-using son.

•Rims and tires were stolen from a Kubota ATV on Northwest Boulevard.

•An 80-gigabyte iPod Classic engraved with “Kevin and Charnell” and some Latin words was stolen on Canyon-Lister Road.

•A passport and coins were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Northwest Boulevard.

•A report of dynamite found on Highway 3 turned out to be flares, which were destroyed.

•A female at Walker’s Landing Road in Kootenay Bay died suddenly in a reaction to eating peanuts.

•Police helped control traffic at the house fire on Erickson Road reported on page 1.

•A driver reported that a motorcyclist attempted to run her off Highway 3A near Gray Creek when she tried to pass him.

•A 911 call through the Peters Road cellphone tower could not be traced.

•A female breached a no-contact order on 38th Avenue and then ran from police as she was being arrested. She was captured and now faces several charges of breaching no contact orders.

•An unregistered vehicle was reported being driven on Leadville Road.

•Cows were reported on Wynndel Road.

September 14

•A Honda Civic being driven erratically on Northwest Boulevard could not be located.

•A minor collision on Highway 21 did not result in injuries.

•When police received video evidence of shoplifting on Canyon Street they discovered the suspect was already in custody. Additional charges are being laid.

•An abandoned vehicle near Goat River Bridge was towed.

•Police attended a Cook Street resident about an ongoing family dispute regarding child custody.

•A driver who was distracted by answering a cellphone call hit a Town of Creston road sign on Cook Street.

•Shots were reported in the Goat River Road area.

September 15

•The owner of a vehicle that passed a stopped school bus on Hillside Street has been sent a warning letter.

•An Erickson Road resident who reported hearing yelling near his property at night also found blood on a trailer parked in the yard, but police have no information about what happened.

•A Cook Street resident who made a purchase on Kijiji and was then asked to send money for shipping was advised by Western Union that the request was likely a fraud.

•Police were called to a family dispute at Highway 3/95.

•A checkstop set up to monitor partiers on Whimster Road checked 10 vehicles without any problems of drinking and driving.

•A male who had consumed alcohol before arriving at the Canada border crossing at Rykerts was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition.

•Campers below the Canyon-Lister Bridge were advised of an open burning ban and ordered to put their fire out.

September 16

•Gunshots reported in the downtown area were later reported to have been the sounds of bear bangers used by some folks who left a pub in a partying mood.

•A male was taken to hospital with leg injuries when he lost control of his motorcycle on Northwest Boulevard.

•A bicycle was found on Vancouver Street.

•Two game cameras were stolen from the Bathey Forest Service Road.