The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

Creston RCMP complaints include traffic, transient workers

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  • Tue Jul 12th, 2016 11:00am
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Creston RCMP responded to about 80 calls for service from July 5-10, Sgt. Dave Nassichuk said on Tuesday. Traffic complaints and minor issues with transient workers were dominant themes, he said.

July 5

•Police received a report that an elderly female received a call from someone claiming to be from the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce and requesting personal information. Police confirmed the call was not made by the chamber.

•A mid-size red pickup caused minor damage when it struck a parked vehicle in the 1000 block of Canyon Street before leaving the scene.

•A complaint was made by a Kootenay Lake resident who reported that a low-flying aircraft has been passing overhead several times a week for three years. An investigation is underway.

•When police located a pickup driver who was reported to be driving erratically on 15th Avenue North, he denied doing so.

•Fifty-five marijuana plants were seized for destruction when police executed a warrant at a Goat River Road North residence.

•The theft of a bundle of 150 welding rods from an 11th Avenue South residence was reported.

•Police received a complaint of a minor assault on Kitchener Road.

•A vehicle reported to be driving without headlights on was not located.

July 6

•Loud banging sounds and yelling earned a Ninth Avenue South resident a $75 ticket for noise disturbance.

•A report by a male that his wife, daughter and stepdaughter were missing and possibly travelling in the area was resolved when police determined they had passed into Canada at Rykerts and were on their way home.

•A 13-year-old girl reported missing was located by police within two hours and found to be OK.

•A minor incident involving a vehicle and pedestrian in the 1600 block of Canyon Street was reported.

•Police arrested and later released a male who was involved in a minor domestic assault on Northwest Boulevard. The male got into more trouble the following day when he broke a no-contact condition.

•A transient who had possessions stolen was provided overnight accommodation by a local agency.

•A 16th Avenue North apartment resident complaint that a female was knocking on doors and asking for cigarettes.

July 7

•In an unusual occurrence since the issue of new paper currency, a counterfeit $20 bill was reported by a 16th Avenue business.

•No injuries were sustained to occupants when a vehicle collided with an elk near Yahk on Highway 3. The elk died on the scene.

•Patrolling police stopped a vehicle and found it to have expired plates and no insurance. The vehicle was towed and tickets were issued to the driver.

July 8

•A speeding and erratic silver Ford Focus with Quebec plates was reported in a Cook Street parking lot. Police did not locate it.

•A found backpack and wallet in Millennium Park were later returned to the owner.

•A person who bought an iPhone on Craigslist complained that he paid for the item but did not receive it.

•A complaint of threats from Westview was resolved with the help of police.

•Minor injuries were sustained when a motorcyclist failed to negotiate a corner near Kootenay Bay and flipped into the ditch.

•Police assisted conservation officers by putting down an injured deer.

July 9

•A complaint was received about a vehicle parked overnight near Canyon Bridge. One vehicle has been towed this year despite the area being posted with no parking signs.

•A vehicle parked with a small child alone inside on Canyon Street was not located.

•A complaint was made from Yahk about a B.C. vehicle passing on double solid lines on Highway 3.

•A purse was reported lost in downtown Creston.

•People in two vehicles were reported to be tossing cigarette butts out on Highway 3 near Kootenay River. They were located and issued tickets for littering.

•Minor damage resulted when a motorcycle and car collided on Northwest Boulevard.

July 10

•Police poured out alcohol being consumed near the community complex.

•Shots were reported near Kootenay Bay.

•A possibly impaired motorcycle driver was not located near Wynndel.

•A vehicle collided with a deer in Kitchener on Highway 3.

•When police arrived to investigate a reported fight in progress on 16th Avenue South, they were told the dispute had been verbal only.

•Police received a report that a large group of people was blocking the Goat River bridge on Highway 21, but when a patrol car arrived the only people in the area were down in the water.

•Police did not locate dirt bikes reported to be driving on Goat River Road North.