Creston RCMP calls include false alarms at schools

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  • Mon Sep 5th, 2011 8:00pm
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Creston RCMP responded to 98 calls from Aug. 22-28, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan and Const. Dave Skretting said on Monday. Two of the calls were false alarms to local schools.

“We thought maybe kids were breaking in so they could start the school year early,” Gollan said. “But there was no sign of entry on either call.”

August 22

•When police responded to a complaint about a suspicious female knocking at the door of a 25th Avenue South residence, they found the female and her partner, who had locked keys in their vehicle and were looking for help.

•When a male driver was stopped after a complaint about a possible impaired driver on Highway 3, police found that he was not impaired, just extremely tired.

•A female motorcyclist sustained minor injuries when she dropped her bike onto its side to avoid being hit by a vehicle that cut in front of her at Canyon Street and 16th Avenue North.

•A 51-year-old female driver was stopped on Canyon Street and failed a roadside screening test for alcohol consumption. She was given a 90-day driving prohibition and her vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

August 23

•The driver of a vehicle reported to be speeding on Simon Road was located and warned.

•An elderly female was taken by ambulance to hospital from her Maple Place residence.

•A 911 call from the hospital turned out to be from a patient with dementia.

•A women’s bicycle was found on 14th Avenue and turned in to the police station. It can be claimed by the owner.

August 24

•When police stopped a vehicle reported to be speeding on Sixth Avenue South a male fled from the scene. He was caught and charged with resisting arrest.

•An elderly female stuck between the seats in her car was freed without mishap.

•A complainant who called about a semi being driven erratically on Highway 3 near Kidd Creek provided an incorrect licence plate number and the driver was not located.

•An intoxicated male on Highway 21 fell into a fire burning on the shore of Goat River and required hospital treatment for burns to his shoulder.

August 25

•When patrolling police found two males with open beer, one threw his away. He denied doing so and, being intoxicated, was taken to police cells, where he remained until sober.

•An injured person was medevaced by helicopter from the fields at the community complex.

•Noise was lowered at a 10th Avenue party when police arrived.

August 26

•A cat owner was informed about bylaws that require pet owners to leash their pets and not allow them to roam off their owners’ property after a complaint by a neighbor.

•While police were unable to locate youth reported to be playing on the Canyon-Lister Road railway bridge, Gollan reminds readers that it is an offence to be within 25 yards of train tracks and that Canadian Pacific police are patrolling the area, enforcing the law.

•When police arrived to investigate a fight on Ninth Avenue South, they found it to be consensual. One male had told another he could beat him up even with his hands tied behind his back.

•A complaint was received about a dirt bike and ATV driving around a Helen Street parking lot. A similar complaint was received from 36th Avenue North shortly afterward.

August 27

•A minor collision was reported on Highway 3 in Erickson when one vehicle backed into another.

•Police received a complaint about an elderly female driving a scooter erratically on Northwest Boulevard.

•A 49-year-old Bonneville, Alta., resident failed a roadside screening device test for alcohol consumption at the Kingsgate border crossing and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

August 28

•Two vehicles whose occupants were reported to be trespassing on property near the Arrow Creek Bridge on Highway 3 were gone when police arrived.

•After two vehicles collided on the Goat River Bridge on Highway 3, a 52-year-old male driver failed a roadside screening device test and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

•After a dispute between two brothers on Centre Road, one was found to be intoxicated and making threats. He was arrested and held in police cells until sober.

•Police were called to a 25th Avenue South residence, where a mother and daughter were in a dispute over the latter’s computer usage.