Creston library showing 1978 Syndey production of Norma

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The 1978 Sydney production of Norma will be shown at the Creston and District Public Library on Jan. 28.

The Creston and District Public Library is starting off (Pseudo) Night at the Opera for 2012 with Bellini’s Norma.

“That is Vincenzo Bellini, the Italian opera composer, not bellini, the adult beverage, also of Italian origin,” said chief librarian Ann Day by way of clarification.

Joan Sutherland stars in the role of Norma, the woman on the edge. Margreta Elkins and Ronald Stevens also star with the Opera Australia Chorus and the Elizabethan Sydney Orchestra in the 1978 performance.

The celebrated production by Sandro Sequi, with Fiorella Mariani’s lavish decor and costumes, concentrates entirely on the human destiny of a woman on the edge of her existence.

Norma runs at 7 p.m. Jan. 28 at the library (531 16th Avenue S.).