Prince Charles Secondary School students access library computers during the lunch break.

The Voice of PCSS: The survey says…

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The Voice of PCSS is a monthly feature in the Creston Valley Advance that includes work by students at Prince Charles Secondary School.


Recently, Prince Charles Secondary School classes were surveyed, with anonymous responses:

Which is Creston’s most teen-friendly business?

The top spot for Grade 9 went to Dairy Queen, with 65 per cent of responses.

The top spot for Grade 10 was shared by Buffalo Trails and Dairy Queen, each with 25 per cent of responses.

2012 would be a great year if:

• we had a warm summer

• I won a hockey championship

• I joined a rock band

• I got a boyfriend

• I lost weight

• if we got more rain

• if PCSS won the East Kootenays’ b-ball

• if our revival happened

• if I pass every class in school

• if I travelled to Thailand

• if I survived

• if Creston midget rep team wins the provincials

• if the teacher’s strike was successful

• the world does not end

— GRADE 10


• I get my own car and am able to drive it

• people realized the silliness in the media around celebrities, cellphones and reality TV

• the bike jam was back in town

• every issue was magically resolved

• SOPA and PIPA don’t pass (look them up)

• the Mayan calendar wasn’t true and we survived until 2013

• there was a larger amount of participation in the town’s events by teens

• the Conservatives got out of power

• I could chill with Johnny Depp

• if we got Starbucks and Booster Juice in town

• there was more girls or mixed soccer

• minimum wage was raised to $15/hour

• I was bitten by a radio active spider and became Spider-man

• it was stress- and drama-free

— GRADE 11