Prince Charles Secondary School graduate Katerina Gribbin with principal Sharen Popoff.

PCSS grad earns Governor General’s Academic Medal

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Prince Charles Secondary School student Katerina Gribbin was recently awarded the bronze Governor General’s Academic Medal while home from the University of Ottawa, where she is studying economics and math. Gribbin was the top overall graduating senior in 2011 and won the prestigious award recognizing her for her efforts.

For more than 125 years, the Governor General’s Academic Medals have recognized the outstanding scholastic achievements of students in Canada. They are awarded to the student graduating with the highest average from a high school, as well as from approved college or university programs.

Pierre Trudeau, Tommy Douglas, Kim Campbell, Robert Bourassa, Robert Stanfield and Gabrielle Roy are just some of the many people who have received the Governor General’s Academic Medal as the start of a life of accomplishment.

Today, the Governor General’s Academic Medals are awarded at four distinct levels: bronze at the secondary school level, collegiate bronze at the post-secondary diploma level, silver at the undergraduate level and gold at the graduate level.

Katerina joins a list of previous PCSS recipients: Bethany Allred, Shaun Bourgeois, Flora Brown, Sara Brown, Tanya Brucker, Sheri Cannon, Jordan Catherall, Julie Gailius, Kevin Henderson, Pascale Hutton, Deanna Ibbitson, Vance Lankhaar, Deanna Lankhaar, Willem Lankhaar, Laura Mann, Dana Maslovat, Jack McKee, Bethan McKee, Miranda Meekes, Adam Mjolsness, Tina Neale, Noami Parmley, Crystal Sharp.