Language Perfect World Championships

80 students at PCSS participated in the online Language Perfect World Championships

Recently, 80 students at PCSS were among over 300,000 students globally who participated in the online Language Perfect World Championships. In this annual event, students may spend a maximum of 8 hours a day, for 10 days, answering as many foreign language and vocabulary questions as possible. They are motivated by competitive spirit, points, prizes and the quest for bragging rights. The top 10 students at PCSS won Dairy Queen prizes for their efforts. Pictured are (back row) Finley Valencia, Zanna Palmer, Anna Morgan, Siobhan Davies, and (front row) Ellyna Ritter-Riegling, Amy Lai and Rebecca Wiens. Missing from the photo are Alicia Edwards, Kensey Blackmore and Molly Palmer. Congratulations!