Join in the collage project

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Take the time to participate in an artistic collage that celebrates Creston’s BC Spirit Festival. The public is encouraged to stop in at Kingfisher Used Books and help create these works of art to be displayed at the closing ceremonies on Feb. 27.

“Rules no Rules“ is just that: There are established categories to help fan your creativity and then there are no rules — just let the spirit guide you. Downstairs at Kingfisher is where the “create station” is located, along with supplies and a variety of materials to help you in your contribution.

This month-long event is sponsored by the Art Action Coalition, with the intention of engaging the community in the action of art. Stop by often and bring your friends to take part in this expression of community, celebration and creative spirit of art in action.

The themes are:

• “Winter Blues and My Favorite Shoes” — Self-explanatory;

• “Catalyst Dogma” — A visualization for the wordsmithing enthusiasts;

• “Iphone – Itakepic – Isend – Idisplay” — Join the digital media identity. From the camera on your phone, take a picture of an event in the spirit festival or your favourite and send it to us on our social media site at Go back to Kingfisher and see it on one of the collages;

• “Artist Trading Cards” — Social media traditionalist style, the ultimate in art action for the individual and for the masses. Create your own smaller-than-postcard-sized piece of art that can be traded after the display period — or before. Mix and match at the gallery downtown from Feb. 18-26; and

• “Fear, Paranoia & Secret Societies” — Self-explanatory if you can find it.

From traditionalist to digital extremist, we have a space for you. For more information, visit