Creston Valley Early Years parenting conference set to educate and inspire

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Creston Valley Early Year — including Success By 6

The Creston Valley Early Years team is bringing in parenting experts from near and far for a free day of workshops and presentations at the Creston and District Community Complex on Feb. 27.

Aimed at parents, grandparents and anyone working with young children, these workshops will be sure to educate, inspire and help parents make the best of their precious years as the first teachers of their children. Because Creston Valley Early Years wants to make it easy for busy parents to attend, it is also providing free lunch and childcare during the day.

The day’s workshops include:

“How to Grow a Child’s Brain” with Gary Anaka. Is it possible to grow a child’s brain? Definitely yes! Active living and learning builds the best brain. With the right conditions and appropriate support, the brain can grow to its fullest potential setting the path for life long learning. However, it takes years of well chosen experiences interacting with teachers, parents, elders and the community to wire the billions of complex neural circuits needed for language, emotions, math and logic. This optimistic presentation will demonstrate how to do this in a fun and interactive way. Learn priceless leading techniques and information from neuroscience. Teachers, caregivers, parents and children need to know, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it, early!”

“A Healthy Life: From Birth to Adulthood”. Join Dr. Kim Masuch, ND, in a discussion about setting your child up for a healthy life. From the kitchen to the couch, the bedroom to the backyard, journey through your life to find out what you can do or teach your child that will have the biggest impact on their health. Masuch will talk about diet and nutrition, lifestyle (including sleep and play), toxic environments, and even mom and dad’s health.

“Taking Care of Each Other as You Take Care of Your Kids”. Join family counsellor Laura Douglas in a workshop based on the work on Drs. John and Julia Gottman and especially their work related to helping new parents maintain a positive relationship after the incredible change that having a child or children brings. She will look at some of the common stresses that occur, as well as some simple ways to improve communication and keep a relationship healthy during this time when baby comes home. If you don’t have a new baby, you will still get some great relationship tips!

“From Cuddles to Conflict, and Back Again” with Krystal Oleson. The early years can be the most affectionate time and at the same time filled with tantrums, tears and aggression. In this 90-minute introductory workshop, Oleson will share concepts from Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s work on attachment and development and how it relates to the early years. She will look at where the parent-child relationship can go off the rails, how parents, society and nature can collide, and how to be the parents that children need in order for them to have the best chance to reach their full potential as human beings.

“Music and Stories in your Daily Family Life”. Join Aaron Francis and Ellie Reynolds for this fun, interactive workshop on using music, rhymes and stories all through your day as tools for co-operation, fun, literacy, brain building and creating special routines and rituals. This session includes lots of singing, storytelling and fun!

For more information, email, or register here.