Creston Mayor Ron Toyota with Canyon-Lister Elementary School students on Clean Air

Creston mayor joins Canyon-Lister students for Clean Air, Water and Soil Day

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June 7 was Clean Air, Water and Soil Day in the Creston Valley. Creston Mayor Ron Toyota formally presented the Be the Change students from Canyon-Lister Elementary School with the proclamation during a school assembly.

The assembly was held by the Be the Change students, who shared with their classmates their April 26 presentation to town council. This is when they asked town council to be the voice that stands up for the environment and to approve their request to set aside one special day for the community to think, learn and take action to keep the world a healthy, safe place to live now and for future generations.

“We believe the Town of Creston can be brave and tell its citizens that they believe the environment is important, that we are all important,” they said. “We ask the Town of Creston to declare that each person has the right to clean air, water and food. Today is the day we decide.”