Creston celebrating International Breastfeeding Week

Web Lead

International Breastfeeding Week is celebrated during the first week of October and Creston will be participating to help raise awareness.

This year’s project includes an interactive art/education display to promote and support breastfeeding in the community. A mobile poster display offering the health, environmental and social benefits of breastfeeding will travel through the community to various partner sites.

In addition to the display, an art station will be provided to visually promote breastfeeding. The art station will contain fabric flags and markers; participants may decorate their flag in any manner they choose in support of breastfeeding (suggestions include children’s names, designs, positive messages, anything inspiring).

The flags will be collected and strung together, then displayed at various venues in town. The flags will artistically and physically represent the support and community connections in promoting breastfeeding.

This is an invitation to all community members, not just breastfeeding mothers.