Concert for trails projects to feature local stars

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Concert for trails project

Mark Koenig and Carl Sommerfeld are familiar faces for local music fans and they will be teaming up with two others for a talent-rich fundraiser for Trails for the Creston Valley on September 16.

Also appearing with them will be cellist Amanda Anderson, who is home for a sabbatical after spending the last 12 years playing in Germany. Her most recent stint is with the NDR Radiophilharmonie in Hanover, where she will resume playing in 2017.

A Juno-nominated singer/songwriter, Koenig has played with many of the Canadian music industry greats, including Ian Tyson. Sommerfeld grew up in Creston, excelling in violin and playing with the Creston Young Fiddlers for many years.

“Amanda is a wonderful musician, and so humble with her talent—she can really improvise,” Koenig said of Anderson, who was featured in the Advance last month.

“She said she wasn’t sure she could add to our sound, but when she pulled that bow across the strings for the first time my heart began to pound,” he said.

After an opening set, Creston’s Victoria Tilling (I’d say she has a bit of Diana Krall’s sound) will perform some of her own recent compositions, playing and singing three songs.

“Victoria’s work is very spiritual and intelligent,” he said. “One of her songs, Help Me to Love You, is so well crafted. It’s the best new song I have heard in years. Victoria has a genuinely beautiful, rich voice—she could be another Sarah (McLachlan) for all I know!”

The concert will be held at Prince Charles Auditorium on Friday, September 16 at 7:30 and tickets are available at Black Bear Books on Canyon Street and Kingfisher Used Books on 12th Avenue North. Proceeds will go toward repairing the Midgely Mountain cabin and other trails projects.

“I am really proud to show people what kind of talent we have right here at home,” Koenig said. “No one will be disappointed.”