Kids from Grizzly Bear Out of School Care recently donated vegetables to the food bank.

Children pick and donate to Gleaners food bank

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This summer, the Creston Valley Gleaners food bank has had little visitors coming to donate a bag of vegetables each that they have picked from the College of the Rockies community garden.

Recently, it was volunteers from the Griz-zly Bear Out of School Care program, who help keep the weeds down in the community garden. The gardens donate around 2,000 pounds of fresh vegetables to the food bank each year, which is really appreciated.

As crops start to ripen, a flow of fresh produce finds its way to the food bank. Gleaners thanks everyone who takes the time to donate, from one onion to bags of them.

Children are learning early what the community is giving the food bank. A boy around five years old recently donated $5. Last year, an eight-year-old had a birthday party where the admission was a non-perishable item for the food bank.

When Gleaners helps fund the little chefs program, breakfast programs at the school, daycare snacks and Success by Six, it all comes full circle in giving.

Gleaners could not operate without the support of the community and its volunteers, who donate their time (28,000 in 2010) to give back to the community.